Sunday, February 27, 2011


Since I spend most Mondays through Fridays behind a desk, it's important that I make the most of any mid-week day off work.  They are all too rare, and not to be taken lightly.  Here's how I spent my last two. . .

With reports of recent high winds and no new snow in the past several days, Evan and I set out Thursday looking more to explore a new area than get powder turns. 

Here's Evan near the start of our (fortunately windless) tour:
Looking North after a few-hundred-foot climb:
The snow was old and firm anywhere exposed, but was soft and smooth where protected.  This picture, taken on a ridge about 1,900 feet up, shows the old skin track and pole plants left behind after wind blew the surrounding uncompacted snow away--pretty cool to look at, not the best for skiing: 
We stopped just shy of the peak, deciding not to make the final push to the summit since it was wind loaded and crusty.  With hardly a cloud in the sky and almost imperceptible wind, we took our time on the transition.  

Evan, looking East (it's about 2,000 vertical down to the valley):
It was one of those rare times at elevation where everything was calm and comfortable.  I found myself wishing we had lugged up lawn chairs, beers, a grill and some brats.

Me, looking North:
Evan starting the down:
The top was firm, but the mid-mountain snow was awesome and far exceeded expectations:
Looking back at our route, we skied from the ridge on the right of the far center peak, through the shaded trees to looker's left, then toured back through the forest where this picture was taken:
As nice and clear as Thursday was, things took a turn for the worse on Friday.  Not that you can see it, but here's pointing toward the day's line. . .
. . . of course, I could have spent the day sitting behind a desk.