Monday, July 18, 2011

Fishing with Emerson

If you haven't noticed from a prior post or from the Cast of Characters, things are about to get real interesting around here.  So, with just under 3 weeks left before our due date and me still the most likely candidate in the family to poop their pants, The Wife and I headed down to visit our good friends, Adam and Amanda, and their three boys, the youngest of which is not yet three months old.

After a night spent catching up and grilling moose steaks, Adam and his middle son, Emerson, joined us for a day on the water.
Adam and Emerson admiring the day's first fish.
The Wife, perfecting her Alaska guide pose.
It got hard to tell who was more excited over each fish, Karta or Emerson.
Ready with the net.
Another nice dolly
Since unpredictable weather, long days on the water and three-year-olds can be a tricky combination, none of us really knew what to expect.  After all, once you launch the boat you're committed--you can't just pack up and head home because you slipped on the wet rocks and got your Batman underoos wet.

But, as was characteristic of the entire trip, Emerson was a trooper.  At one point, his awesome Spider-man hat fell off into the river and started drifting away.  After a frantic few minutes on the oars and some quick work with the net, Adam hauled the soaking-wet hat back on board.  Of course, since Emerson can fish with the best of them he had Adam put the still-dripping hat straight back on his head without letting it dry.  After all, real fishermen wear a hat.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A few highlights from the Fourth

We all caught fish, but we all had to work for it.  Just the river's way of keeping us honest, I suppose.
Karta, making the end of the swing a bit of a challenge.
Who says you can't send it with a thingamabobber and split shot?
The Wife, doing what she does.
Sam, getting it done.
Falkor, the luckdragon.
Week 35.
Oh, and Alaskans must be getting soft.  I expected severe crowds all weekend, but after rain Friday night and Saturday morning scared everyone off we had our pick from the entire campground.  Weak sauce.