Sunday, March 27, 2011

Out of the office

I've been traveling a ton over the past few weeks--Juneau three weeks ago, Seattle last week, and now back to southeast.  Of course, not all work travel is bad:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Wife is coming around

The Wife has always tolerated my fly fishing and skiing addictions, but I never really believed she would fall victim to my same afflictions.  Then, over the past year, she's started to show many of the very same symptoms I've exhibited for most of my life. 

It all started a couple years ago when not long after moving to Alaska she couldn't stop rubbing in the fact that she got out on the water before me.  Things got even more serious this past summer when work kept her on the river and she started showing up on other's fishing blogs

Skiing has followed a similar trend, culminating with The Wife ditching me for a day on the slopes after a fresh eight-inch dump a couple months ago.  Things were getting dire.

Then her ailments went to new heights when, after making a low-ball offer on a drift boat on something of a whim, The Wife was legitimately disappointed we drove home without the boat.  If my concern for her well being wasn't so overshadowed by my own desires for a boat I'd have sought serious help for her.

And now, this happened: