Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting Ready

Fishing, especially fly fishing, in southcentral Alaska is rough this time of year.  There's often open water, but up until today things have been especially cold and the local prospects just haven't been that appealing.  Dodging icebergs in waste-deep water while casting to a near fishless river when it's five below just doesn't sound like much fun to me.

. . . which is part of the reason why we're packing up the kiddo, joining a couple good friends, and going to Belize.

I've never fished the flats, and except for chasing salmon in tidewater have never really cast a fly into the salt.  Needless to say, this will be an experience.  Hell, I'm half temped to bail on the return flight and I'm not even there yet.

So, in the absence of appealing local fishing options, I've been working on the saltwater boxes.
Someone should have told me how easy flats flies are to tie.
Our gear list is a work in progress.  The reels all have new line--with Rio's Tarpon F/I Short on the 10-weight and Redfish Floating (The Wife likes the blue color, for those concerned with that sort of thing) on the 8-weights.*  I didn't own a single pair of serviceable shorts, so I had to buy two pairs (I hear it's warm in Belize).  I scored a pair of cheap flats boots.  And I now own decent polarized sunglasses that actually fit my big ole melon, which is a significant upgrade from my last pair that I had to modify to fit properly and ultimately succumbed to Karta's puppy chewing habits.  Oh, and the fly boxes are filling up...
. . . let's just hope something in there can catch a fish.

* Really though, as I said at the beginning, it's all new to me so take everything with a grain of salt.


Anonymous said...

As good as "trips" are, there is also something very exciting about the marathon tying sessions that accompany these epic getaways. Trying to think of what combinations of size, color, and feathers can be entertaining by its own right.

It looks like you will be well armed and should be able to entice at least a few of less savvy fish.

Also great to see the blog up and operational again.

Happy tying,


Anonymous said...

Certainly some "cool" ... or should I say, "bright" ... colors in those fly boxes! Can't wait to hear all about their might even prompt us to revisit our attempt to get to some flats fishing! As I recall, this time of year should be less likely to be stormed out by a hurricane than was our one and only attempt to get down there. Hope you all have a blast!

I, too, was delighted to see a new post. I'd about given up by habit of checking your site...